Graece Won

Graece Won’s Bio:

Damien Southall, a human being who performs under the stage name Graece Won, is a DC native raised in PG County just outside of the nation’s capital.

He has toured in cities such as DC, Cincinnati and New Orleans to name a few. He's recognized for dope live performances and instinctively writes with live performances in mind.

As a lyricist and songwriter, Graece Won is known for ill lyrics with a message, catchy hooks and for his unique voice. Branded also as an “off the dome” freestyle artist, Graece Won recognizes that the country he loves is at a crossroads where many issues centered around a culture of death and superficial prejudice that have plagued it since its inception can no longer be ignored.

Equipped with an unwavering faith in God, Graece Won will continue to live free in Christ and spit barz that both inspire and motivate others to live free as well.


Graece Won

Soldier for Christ